If you would like to know about any current disease outbreaks in your area or other parts of Australia, simply click on the state name and a new page will open showing the current situation for the capital city of that state.


To find out about the situation in other locations around Australia, you can go directly to Virbac Animal Health's Disease Watchdog Website.

The Virbac Animal Health Disease Watchdog Website has been set up to help monitor the status of several companion animal diseases around Australia.


Some of the companion animal diseases currently represented include:


* Canine Parvovirus


* Canine Hepatitis


* Canine Distemper


* Feline Herpesvirus


* Feline Calcivirus


* Paralysis Ticks


Each reported case is represented on the map with a coloured flag.




Information on these maps should be taken as a general guide only as many cases of the monitored diseases may not be reported to the Disease Watchdog Surveillance Centre.



Although a lot of the information and data on this site relates to Australia, as dogs all over the world face the same risks, it is just as important to ensure that dog owners everywhere are aware of these risks and take the same precautions.




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