Little Jinx - A Tiny Pooch With A Special Story



Hi There, My name is Jinx!!

Like many other puppies, I was dumped and then I was going to be  given away as "Free to Good Home"As it turned out, I was a very lucky little man because some lovely girls from Firefly Animal Rescue saw me being given away and acted quickly to take me into their care when the lady that
had me, agreed to surrender me to them.
A few days after going into care, while I was being held in quarantine                                                     I was starting to feel really sick and I started vomitting and I had no                                                       energy to play or do any normal puppy things as I only wanted to do                                                 was sleep
Thankfully, my wonderful foster carer realised that something wasn't                                                     right so I was rushed to the vet and checked over.
The vet sent me home and gave my carer some special fluids as I was                                                 very dehydrated from all of the vommitting.
When I hadn't improved and I was feeling a lot worse on the following                                                 day, my carer was really worried about me and she rushed back to the                                               vet.
This time, the vet did some more tests and told my carer that I had contracted Parvovirus and asked my carer if she thought that I should be put to sleep as  the treatment for Parvo can be very expensive and there wasn't any guarantee that any treatment that the vets tried would save my life.

I can tell you, it was a really really scary time for me as I was only a baby but when I heard my carer tell the vet that they wanted him to try everything they could to save me, I felt like jumping for joy but I didn't even have enough energy to lift my head up or wag my tiny tail.
When I was put into hospital, it was pretty scary but I felt so sick that I really didn't care because I just wanted to get better.
I had a needle stuck in my leg and I couldn't move very much but the vets and nurses dressed in weird clothes kept checking in and talking to me and changing the bags that were connected to my needle and at last, I was starting to feel a little better and I once, I even heard the vet telling my carers that my condition was stable.


A few days later I also heard the vet say that he was astounded at how well I had recovered and that I was a realy lucky little dude because many puppies that get Parvovirus don't recover and go straight to the Rainbow Bridge.
I now realise that I'm a really lucky little man because if I hadn't have gone to Firefly, I would probably not have made it as not too many people would be prepared to take the chance and spend all of the money that the treatment for Parvo would have cost.

The main thing that I would like to say after what happened to me, is that it's so important for everyone to vaccinate their dogs and cats and so that other animals don't have to go through the pain and suffering that I went through.
It's really sad that many people just don't realise how easy it is for puppies and adult dogs to get Parvo and how deadly it can be.

Please make sure that you tell all of your pet owner friends that if they want to keep their pets safe, it's just so important that they go the vets at least one a year so that the vet can Vaccinate Your Mate.


Although a lot of the information and data on this site relates to Australia, as dogs all over the world face the same risks, it is just as important to ensure that dog owners everywhere are aware of these risks and take the same precautions.




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